Friday, 25 January 2008

command line social networking

We all agree myspace, facebook, etc.. are shit. You spend your time looking at stupid stuff and you give a big company all the data it will ever need to create a product exactly for your needs with automatic advertisement buyer. So how can a little geek like me keep in contact with this friends and find out what really matters.
The idea: A command line tool that connects to a server and then you have your personal profile with what you are currently working on you can join the group "C++ developers" or "Linux is BSD without brain" and to be honest what to people like best "flame wars" what a better place to put this and take it away from the mailing lists.
Further everything is done like cvs/git so you can see what your friend has changed etc...
You might have your software backup somewhere or something like that.
I have to think about this a little more. But please comment

What it needs :
  • Profile page
  • Friends list
  • Fotos?
  • Groups
  • Mail
  • Who viewed my profile last
  • Current activity
  • Link people to content
  • Pinboard
  • Change log
  • Mood indicator [hacking/sleeping/...]
  • Encrypt a file amongs many users with secret shareing. So only when all users click on share the file can be read
  • ??????
One big problem with social networking nowadays is the security issue. So when you add a friend to your buddies list you exchange public keys. So you can sign every message you send. And only with this key can you read his profile :)

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Dan said...

just somewhere to dump these links for the moment sweetiepie :)