Wednesday, 6 February 2008

A new db

So time for another crazy didi idea. While writing dbook I was thinking about using sqlLite to save my data. After some though though I realised that this would be quite hard as the data would be very dynamic. So I thought of using a object oriented db. But this seamed to be a little unflexible and I would have to ship with another dependency. So I took a pice of paper and seched waht I call a hashDB. It is basically very simpel every data entry only exists once in the whole db. Then entries have links to other entries. So If you would be described in my db. You would have a name this would link to hair and this would link to blond. So with your person there would be the tupels links describing that you have blond hair. I am currently writing a little prototype maybe then it becomes clearer.

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