Monday, 12 November 2007

Vector Video Codec

Today lots of comics are streamed over the Internet. But they are saved and compressed with a pixel based algorithm. Why? If I look at comics I see Vectors. So why are these videos not compressed as vector images. As far as a Google search goes there is nothing like this available. Further the backgrounds seam to be quite static in comics so these wouldn't have to be redrawn, only the foreground normally moves.

bash-3.00$ ls -lah /tmp/Spectre.svg
-rw------- 1 xxx 110K Nov 12 14:09 /tmp/Spectre.svg
bash-3.00$ zip /tmp/ /tmp/Spectre.svg
adding: tmp/Spectre.svg (deflated 69%)
bash-3.00$ ls -lah /tmp/
-rw-r--r-- 1 xxx 35K Nov 12 14:10 /tmp/

According to this compression is quite easy too. Comments welcome