Sunday, 2 November 2008

Totally new Mail

I think the email system is quite outdated. No security functions, no intractability, no web2.0nes. Why not design a totally new email system. That feels more 'new' For example you could embed security functions I mentioned in my last post. You could add some sort of feedback. How many mail's do you get 'Are you attending' etc... And then some pri... clicks on reply all and you have a whole thread of 'yes', 'no' and 'maybe' mails. Just put a little click box in your mail and off you go. This of course relies on security first.

Secure Mail

After hearing a talk from Ed Gibson I thought all this security spam thing could be solved with public private key system. Just imagine how many mails you get from people you don't know. So the idea is: If you want to communicate with someone you send him a 'Communication Invite' You can attache a little message to this with some explanation. Quite like all the social networking sites do it. Attached to this is a public key that is created for one specific email address. If you accept the invite you do the same, you send him a mail with 'Invite accepted' with your public key. Then you both can sign and/or encrypt your mail messages to another. I don't know why ebay, banks, paypal and all the rest don't have a signing scheme? I can imagine my inbox to be structured something around the lines of
- Secure Inbox
- Communication Requests
- Unsecure mail
With this, I would soon have a list of my friends key's and I would know that they are not spamming me.

Image recognition program

I am quite sure that the internet is full of recurring images. How often have you seen this little fellow in some Office doc, web page and so on. So why not write a little web crawler that finds these images and then indexes them. This would be quite useful if you have a copyrighted image for example and you want to find out who is using it. Or just to see how many people are using your clip art. If you scale all the images to the same size and allow some minor differences you should be able to write a filter that does this quite easily. Of course you would have to filter all the different images out of ppt (Power Point something) files and web pages. But all this has been done somewhere before.