Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Wireless PXE

Why not get your pxe image over wireless.


vext01 said...

a) Usually WIFI cards do not integrate the PXE bios. I have never seen one that does have you?

b) Interactive. Questions will need to be asked, like SSID, WEP key for example. Not a huge problem.

c) Security implications? Depends f your pxe image is sensative. But some OS's disclose an NFS server address for root mounting.

d) Size of drivers. Some OS's insist that their install ramdisks fit on floppies. The wifi firmware may not fit.

These are issues that spring to mind. However there are hacks around a) atleast:


Slinky said...

Old article I know, but latest versions of Anaconda support this, in an experimental form.

However I, like vext01, have yet to see hardware to match.